Limitations & Restrictions

Here are a few requests we make of you in order to keep all of our guests safe and comfortable:

  • No pets inside please due to NYS Health Dept. regulations for a food production facility.  Pets are welcome on a leash outside.
  • Smoking permitted only in the one outside designated area as sign posted.
  • No buses – we generally do not have the staff to maintain a high standard of service for large groups.
  • No food may be brought into our facility or on our grounds.
  • Caterers for private events must be pre-approved by us.  Please note that poor performing caterers reflect poorly on us.
  • All catered food for private events must be provided by the holder of a NYS Health Dept. permit.
  • All alcoholic beverages consumed on premise must be supplied by Glen Park Vineyards LLC. No other alcoholic beverages may be brought on the Glen Park Vineyards LLC property.
  • All laws in accordance with the New York State Liquor Authority will be strictly adhered to; including our right to proof any and all guests and to ensure a refusal of service to those guests deemed intoxicated.